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Why Choose Janus?
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How will your listing be different from your neighbors? At Janus Real Estate Group, we don't believe in just "listing" a property, we implement strategies to sell! Janus Real Estate Group believes every seller is unique and every house has a story to tell. Through our innovative selling strategies, we have techniques to set your listing apart from the competition. Let us design a strategy for you.

Selling with Janus Real Estate Group gives you the competitive advantage because we go above and beyond the standard procedures used by most agents. We use the most advanced technologies, creative solutions, and our marketing strategies will give your listing an edge over the rest. Open your door to Janus!

The Janus Difference:

  • We know our markets
  • We think outside the box
  • We use technology to our advantage
  • We work hard and smart
  • We are driven and energetic
  • We do not stop working at 6pm


Finding the right buyers for your home takes more than just an MLS posting or a ‘For Sale' sign in the front yard. In today's information age, it is crucial to use promotional materials that stand out and make a memorable first impression. Whether its flyers, pictures, or powersites, our marketing materials are unique, custom designed, informative, and most importantly, appeal to today's buyers and make a memorable point.


  • Comprehensive Market Analysis (CMA) - In addition to using the most recent comparables to determine the best listing price, we also provide different detailed analysis such as best case and fast sell out comparisons.
  • Staging Consultation - We offer an hour of free consultation from an accredited staging professional for tips and ideas on how to bring out the best features of your property. (if applicable)
  • Photo Shoot -  As the saying goes: "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words." Wouldn't you want your pictures to look professional and represent the very best features of your home? Our pictures are never slanted or crooked and are always of high pixel quality. 
  • Signature Illuminated Signs - Our signs are custom designed and illuminate at night to attract more attention to your listing. Shouldn't your home stand out amongst the rest?
  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS) - The MLS is the most powerful database of properties. We will post your listing on the MLS with complete detailed property information and maximum number of photos allowed. Your property listing will be seen on thousands of third party websites.
  • Online Marketing - 84% of buyers start their search online. Doesn't it make sense that your listing be present on more than one site? We will put your listing on multiple websites and it will provide up to date information 24/7 for interested parties locally and nationwide.
  • Featured and Showcased on REALTOR.COM - Do you want your home listing to be seen by thousands of people? List with us and you be featured and showcased on the #1 real estate site on the web, with 500% more views than standard listings. There are over 7 million property views monthly on Your listing will be at the top of that list!  Furthermore, your property will have up to 25 photos and a powerful description of your home and community.
  • Color Flyers - Our flyer boxes are always filled with custom designed color flyers. We do not skimp out on your marketing dollars by using black and white flyers. We never just print out the cluttered MLS listing and use it as a flyer. Our flyer layouts are fresh and incredibly attractive!
  • Open House - available upon request

CONTACT US anytime - we are delighted to share our services with you!